What Do We Do?

We are a rewards & NFT token that prioritizes the community and our artwork.

We are led by experienced management with a transparent project & tokenomics. PLEASE READ our White paper below!

  • 0x646B4E6a53D0e46BED193E86Eeb6eBb30d57D869
  • Original Comic book NFT will include 10 Editions
  • Comic books will be airdropped to holders!
  • Hey Shiba NFT’s will also launch as part of collection
  • Doxxed Dev: Behind GalaxyBUSD, AnonToken & Dormant Dragons
  • Founder KYC’d through Assure Defi!

Tokenomic Basics

  • 1 Billion Total Supply
  • 400M Tokens Burned!
  • 300M Tokens Locked for Staking Rewards
  • 10% Buy – 12 % Sell Tax
  • Not a Single Team Token Sold (24M)
  • Supply Crunch in-bound!

Lower Transaction Costs

Big Bob’s Staking Vault will offer Industry leading APR with with pull out anytime staking!

Shiba NFT's

4040 Shiba NFT’s will Launch in March! 10M Arnold Holders will be Airdropped 10 Arnold NFT’s!

Ultimate Meme

Shiba is a known commodity we aim to build originality and value by our unique artwork, NFTs and Storyline!

Supported by Global


This timeline details our Project Outline & Goals

February Development of proprietary Smart Contract, Staking Platform
End of February Public Launch of Hey Shiba ($HeyShib) on ETH
Shortly after launch Launch of $HeyShib LP Farm
March 2022 Launch of $HeyShib Staking Platform
March 2022 Launch of Hey Shiba NFT's
End of March 2022 Cross Chain Launches of $HeyShib